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Stealth Wear

01.14.2013 | by | Comment

“The anti-drone hoodie and anti-drone scarf: garments designed to thwart thermal imaging, a technology used widely by UAVs.

The XX-shirt: a x-ray shielding print in the shape of a heart, that protects your heart from x-ray radiation

And the Off Pocket: an anti-phone accessory that allows you to instantly zero out your phone’s signal”

Read more here.

Presidential Campaign Makes Little Girl Cry

10.31.2012 | by | Comment

I think this is how most of us feel…

via NYmag

Quadrillion is Upon Us

10.01.2012 | by | Comment

When I was young the word ‘Billion’, and all it’s implications, was only used in Science (e.g., “a billion atoms…” or “a billion stars…”), and I waited for it to be mentioned on the news as a reference to money… It was the early 80′s when I first heard it: “Apple Computer…One Billion Dollars…”. Soon thereafter ‘Billion Dollars’ was an everyday phrase — as if it always had been.
It was a long time before it occurred to me to watch and wait for the next, first reference of the new, highest number for dollars-in-one-place… It seems like it took 30 years before the idea of a Trillion Dollars entered my mind. At about the time the year 2000 mark came and went I remember thinking: “Trillion will be this new century’s benchmark for being ‘the biggest’ — who or whatsoever reaches a trillion dollars will be ‘the biggest thing ever’…” Indeed, it wasn’t long before ‘Trillion Dollars’ entered the mainstream vernacular — as if it had always been there — and, it was always about the same two things: US military spending, and the US budget deficit; they both hit, and shot right past, the ‘Trillion Dollar’ mark since 2000.

Now, just 12 years in, “Quadrillion Dollars” is upon us…

Back when “a Billion Dollars” was on the horizon, big new numbers were thought of with optimism and pride — “the world is on a roll” — it was looked-forward to. Now, these crazy-big numbers — they’re like chaos, or a financial super-nova — are just scary; they don’t seem to signify progress or civilization anymore…

‘Exponential’ is a word we will have to know and understand very soon.

You can ride this skateboard down stairs

06.28.2012 | by | Comment

I think that’s it, the pinnacle of human progress. The historians will say, “well they were certainly intelligent, see they built the Great Wall, put men on the Moon, and then built a skateboard that cruises down stairs.”

More at fastcodesign

I wonder if pebbles are still a threat…


06.15.2012 | by | Comment

“A $60,000 to $100000 education for like five bucks.”

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