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World Economic Forum

01.24.2012 | by | Comment

“The economic equivalent of the Oscars, the WEF is a time for the 0.1% to celebrate the achievements and successes of free-markets, and to discuss how to keep the crumbling ship from running ashore; it’s also a time to get in a few good runs on the slopes, deep tissue massages and a soothing hot tub session on the 99%’s dime.” -Adbusters

Meanwhile Occupiers in Davos are building igloos. Rad.

Buy Nothing Day 2010

11.13.2010 | by | 3 Comments

While consumers storm the malls and hopelessly scurry to try find a cure for their affluenza, on November 26th, appropriately known as Black Friday, people around the globe will leave their wallets at home and collectively won’t make a single purchase. Let’s throw capitalism off balance, be it only for a day or two.

We are throwing another Neighborhood Exchange at Kensington Park this year and we want you join us. Bring records, clothes, books, tools anything cool or useful that you think might serve as a good trade. Bring food to share and stories to tell. We can just enjoy being humans together in the park. Sound good? Tell your friends and your friends friends. Get on your bike, ride over to the park, I’ll bring the Frisbee. Done and done.

Last year’s event was awesome and we made some great new friends… let’s see if we can double it this year.

Here’s a link to the Facebook event and for those who don’t do facebook we’ve also created a Meetup group through Adbusters right here.

Spread the word…


07.14.2010 | by | Comment

Stop it. Just stop it. Hold on to your humanity and stop it.

MXD MSG full version 7min from BREADTRUCK TV on Vimeo.

Adbusters posted this short film on their blog as “An urgent call to designers worldwide: It’s time to break free.” As a designer myself, I clicked. To my excitement, it was a short film created by one of my home-town heroes, Jeffrey Durkin. The film takes place in San Diego, and follows a graphic designer with ADD – and for me, that hits pretty close to home. Excited for Jeffrey and his blossoming production company, BreadTruck Films, I felt spreading the word was the least I could do. Keep it up Durkin – great stuff.

As for you creatives, I’m not done with you. For the last 6 decades we have basically tricked everyone into a lifestyle of false desires and consumption as remedy for the very stresses of life as a wage-slave. We coerce consumers in exchange for a paycheck. But the truth is we do not live in the Advertising Age nor the Space Age nor the Age of Industry. We live a Post-Everything world in which every product/corporation/government that still exists RELIES on you, the Creative. So just stop it. Make it obsolete. Advertise collaboration, thought & reason. Advertise health and love. You are culturally immersed, educated, constantly thinking and rethinking everything; what are you afraid of? We own them, and they know it. It’s time to switch sides.

>> Note to self: quit job.


06.26.2010 | by | Comment

We don’t need money – money needs us.

“Money is sacred in our capitalist society. And despite a lifetime of passing it around, very few of us have ever thought to destroy the lucre in our hands.”

-Micah White
via Adbusters

Pollution of the Mental Environment

05.24.2010 | by | Comment

Micah White‘s new anti-advertising message is refreshing, albeit reminiscent of a quick-hit advertisement. Watch with caution.

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